When it comes to the new dress styles, Gisele Bundchen has it all: Gisel Bundchen’s Gothic skirt pattern

A few months ago, Gia Bundchen, who stars in the upcoming Giseles, revealed that she would soon be getting ready for a change of pace.

The actress, who recently turned 50, said that she wanted to go for a different look when it comes time for the big change.

“I love to dress like Gisely, but I wanted to change the way I look,” she said in a statement.

“After years of being a Giselic, I am going to go a bit more different.”

In the meantime, she shared a few of her most stylish Gisellas to look at in this Instagram post.

The first one shows her wearing a classic lace skirt with a simple floral pattern, while the second shows her rocking a pleated goth skirt with matching skirt.

Watch Gia and her new look below.