Why you should always wear a skirt in public

When you’re shopping for maternity and maternity-related outfits, it’s always a good idea to choose the best ones.

Leopard print skirts and pleated skirts are both popular for both casual and formal wear, and they’re often seen as feminine and stylish.

But are they actually as flattering as you think?

According to fashion blogger Anna Ziegler, leopard prints and pleats can be just as flattering on women as on men.

“Women can wear a leopard dress to work and feel like a glamorous and sexy figure,” Ms Ziegling said.

“But if they’re dressed to look more casual, they can be really hard to get into.”

Leopard prints can be very flattering, but the pleats are more comfortable, and are more flattering to the legs.

And when it comes to choosing a leggy, fashionable skirt, there’s no one answer.

“You have to pick your favourite colour and pattern, and that will give you the best fit,” Ms Siegel said.

Ms Siegel recommends picking a skirt that will fit you.

“It should be a bit shorter, but not too short,” she said.

And if you’re worried about looking like a goth, she advises wearing a skirt with a bit of stretch.

“The more stretch, the more it feels like a skirt and you’ll look more sexy.”