Woman wins $2.5 million in ‘Pleated mini skirts’ suit, pants contest

NEW YORK (AP) A California woman has won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against a designer for allegedly copying her style and colors.

Diane Mihalik, of Los Angeles, filed the lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court against her then-boyfriend’s agency, GAP Inc. and a number of other brands.

She says she was duped out of her money.

The suit names brands including Louis Vuitton, JCPenney and Burberry, and says Mihallik wore a $3,000 suit with pleated skirt pants and a dress by a designer named Alex Pfeiffer.

The lawsuit alleges the suits were copied by Mihalle, who is from India, and others.

The suits say Mihalsk’s suit is not the same as that of another woman who sued her in Los Angles Superior Court in 2011.