Alyssa Milano and Sam Smith: Why they’re both in the same room

Alyssah Milano’s fall skirts have gone viral, and now Sam Smith has gone viral for his bed skirt.

The pair have been sharing hilarious videos on social media showing off their latest collection, the “Fluorescent Bedding” collection, which features a wide range of sparkly fabrics.

The collection was inspired by the fashion trend for “floating bedding” that is the latest trend in contemporary women’s fall clothing.

The videos also show how they’ve made their own custom bed skirts out of vintage items.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Bedders and I was going to try to make one of my own.

It was my first time ever making a custom bed skirt, and I really enjoyed it,” Smith told the outlet.

“It’s actually really easy to do and you really only need a couple of pieces of fabric, so it’s very versatile.

I also love how it gives you a little bit of extra style to your bed.”

Watch the video below:The duo is currently selling their collection online, but the brand said they plan to sell more through their store.

The company told the publication that they’ve been “delighted” by the response and that they hope to eventually expand their online sales to other cities.

“Our goal is to eventually get the whole collection out there, but right now it’s just in the UK, so we’re really excited to share our latest collection with the world,” they said.

“We want to make sure that we keep up with trends and inspire people to have a little more style in their everyday lives.”