How to dress to make a statement

I’m not going to lie.

It’s the summer of my life.

We’re going to the beach, and I want to be the most fabulous person there.

But as the sun sets and the days begin to warm, I realize that I’m more of a housewife than a style blogger.

And I’m also more of an adult who wants to make sure my kids are well-behaved and happy.

I know how to dress my kids to make them feel like they belong, but that’s not what I want my kids wearing to school, on the playground, or at home.

So I set out to make the most comfortable, flattering and stylish clothes that kids and teens will wear in the summertime.

I hope you’ll embrace my little guide to the perfect summer wear.

What to wear to school:Busty skirt (if your kid is wearing a long dress or skirt) or skirt with strappy waistband or thigh high stockings.

I would recommend a dress that has some length, or a blouse with a waist-length skirt.

If you have kids, wear a strapless skirt.

They will look good on your child, and they’ll look great in a summer dress.

If your kid’s not wearing a dress, you can choose between a simple skirt or a summer blouse.

I recommend a skirt with a slit at the bottom, like the kind that has a cutout at the top.

This makes the skirt easy to pull up or down, and it’s more comfortable for kids.

You don’t need a dress to wear it, but it makes the outfit easier on them.

Wear a dress and/or skirt together.

This can make it easier to blend in with your kids.

This is the perfect way to dress up a casual summer outfit.

I suggest a simple, classic, or formal dress.

A cute, casual skirt that is paired with a bright, colorful or summery dress is perfect for your little ones.

The combination of color and texture makes the perfect fall dress.

I love the color of this summer skirt.

It is a simple and elegant color.

It looks great on my little ones, and the pattern of the skirt gives them a fun, feminine look.

Summer blouse that has length, length sleeves and a skirt that has stretch is perfect.

The color is bright and colorful, and you’ll be wearing it in your favorite summer outfit for years to come.

This skirt is perfect on your kids because it is simple, easy to wear, and has a simple pattern.

If you are a mom with young children, consider a simple blouse or dress for them.

The skirt can be paired with the blouse and a matching skirt.

When you have time, you could even create your own skirt and blouse to go with your kid in the future.

I’m always excited to see what your kids wear in summer!

Share your favorite dress, skirt, or accessories in the comments below.