I had to wear a skirt to work today

The story behind the story that my tulle dress is actually white midi skirts: A story about a dress that my boss had sent to me and me being so pleased with it.

And then she sent it back and said, “I don’t want to do that again.”

But I said, what?

I wanted to wear something white.

Then I went to a local store and bought a matching pair of white midis.

And I felt so proud.

So, I tried it on, and I thought, “Okay, it looks really nice.

I’ll wear it at work.”

And then I got home and I was like, “This dress is really, really white.”

It’s really pretty.

It’s very flattering.

But I have a very short neckline.

And it’s just kind of a white dress.

So that was the point.

It was very flattering, but I didn’t think it was flattering.

It made me feel very uncomfortable.

And this is my husband, he’s very supportive of this.

And he said, well, maybe you should wear something else.

He’s the one who actually got the dress.

And when I came home, I was very upset, because I knew I would wear it again.

It wasn’t a dress I had chosen.

And if I had thought it was a good choice, I would have been more careful.

But, yeah, I did not think it would be appropriate for the office.

I don’t think I was wearing something that I thought was appropriate for a white woman.

But this is why I think the story of this dress is so important, because people are not wearing white midichlorianates.

They’re wearing dresses that are very, very white.

And the fact that this dress was a mistake, and that my husband and I were not allowed to wear it, it’s an example of a workplace culture that I think is so wrong.