What’s next for Nike?

The company has been quietly building up its collection of shoes for years.

Nike launched its first sneaker in 2007 with a sleek black model, a “black, green, and orange” colorway.

It also launched a range of shoes that were made of leather, leather and suede in 2014.

The company also launched “sneaker” sneakers in 2017, including the “Puma” sneakers.

Last year, Nike launched a “white” version of its signature white sneakers, the “Sneaker.”

 The sneaker line has expanded rapidly since then, as the brand has become known for its high-end sneaker collections.

Nike recently launched the first Nike Air Max range with an all-white colorway, which was available only in select markets.

The company also announced that it will launch the first all-black Air Max shoe, which will be available exclusively in select Nike stores starting May 30.

“Our new Nike Air range will redefine the way athletes look and feel,” said Paul “Pete” Neubauer, Nike vice president of global sports and fashion.

According to Nike, the new Nike shoes will offer “more comfort, less arch and a longer feel for more control and more performance.”

The sneakers will be sold at Nike.com starting May 29.

Nero said the new sneakers will offer a “more comfortable fit” and a “better feel” than the sneakers that came before them.

 “We’ve seen a lot of innovation and creativity in Nike over the last few years, and this line will add even more to that,” Neubaures said.

Earlier this month, Nike released a teaser video of a pair of shoes with the new logo on the side.

Since Nike started to release sneakers in 2019, it has been selling around 5 million pairs of Nike Air Jordan sneakers per day.

Last year, the company also unveiled the Nike Air Force 1 with the all-new logo on both the back and the front.