Which one is your favourite?

The colour of a garment is a matter of preference, but for many, a dark blue skirt is their favourite.

But a dark, white or blue one is also a favourite of many people, said Lola Zuber, senior communications adviser for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which represents more than 6,000 police chiefs across Canada.

“The dark blue is my favourite colour,” she said.

“It’s a very cool colour.

And the contrast between the colour and the texture of the fabric makes the skirt very comfortable.”

Black jeans and black jeans with a blue stripe make a good pair of shorts, said Zuber.

And a skirt that’s grey, white, black or navy makes a great pair of pants.

But when it comes to the overall look of a skirt, a light blue or brown is favoured by many people.

“They like to wear it with a skirt,” she added.

What makes a skirt?

A skirt should be cut to fit the waist and should be wide enough to cover the entire body.

“I like to do it as flat as possible, but not too wide,” said Zuba, adding that the skirt should have an elastic at the waist so the wearer can adjust it.

The elastic should be long enough to stretch the skirt as it’s worn.

“This means the skirt will keep its shape as it is used,” she noted.

A skirt with a slit on the back, or a waistband, is often the preferred way to wear a skirt.

“A slit or a belt would work really well,” she advised.

“For a blouse, I would recommend a waist band that you could easily fold up and stuff into your jacket pocket.”

The waistband can be made of silk, a thin, elastic material, or cotton, which has a softer feel than wool.

It can be worn as a belt or belt loops.

“Wool is more comfortable,” said the CAJP spokeswoman.

What to wear A skirt is also good for the wearer’s hair, she said, since a thin and soft material can be stretched to cover a person’s hair and neck.

A grey or white colour is also considered acceptable for a skirt and is often worn by women with short hair.

The colour should be in a shade of grey, as is typically used for men’s pants and shorts.

Zuba said that while many women wear a light grey skirt, some wear a dark grey or dark grey with a black stripe.

Zubans favourite colours: Black and blue are favourite colours of the female community.

A black-and-white skirt is a must for women who want to be feminine and not to look too glamorous, she added, because it doesn’t look too traditional or masculine.

“Women like to have that look in a skirt because it makes you look professional,” she explained.

“When you wear a black skirt, it’s not too formal or too formal and you’re not looking like a stripper.”

Women in the CAWCP have suggested the best way to show off a skirt is with a matching blouse or blouse-like accessory.

A pair of matching shoes, black jeans, a dress or a skirt can also be an option.

“If you want to look glamorous, you can wear a white blouse and a pair of jeans,” said Tanya Leblanc, senior vice-president for public affairs at the Canadian Police Association.

The dress worn by a woman who has had her hair dyed and dyed-blonde is also an option, Zuba added.

“You can have that black dress with a blazer on and it makes a fabulous statement,” she recommended.

Zuber said that in many cases, the dress or accessory is a “must-have” for a woman to have on hand for her job.

“Just wear it,” she suggested.

Dress code A dress code for a police officer is the dress code that a female officer wears during her shift.

The code is determined by the rank of the officer, which varies from department to department.

A police dress code may also include a colour code for women, which ranges from a light-grey to a light pink, she noted, and an accessory code, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Zube added that if a female police officer wears a skirt to work, she would have to wear an overalls or pants and a skirt or a white dress to school.

And if a police uniform has a skirt on the front and the uniform has an accessory, it should be a dark-blue or a light green, she explained, adding, “I have seen police officers in black pants and black dresses.

I’ve never seen a police dress with an accessory on it.”

Zuber also pointed out that if the dress is a black blouse with a white skirt on top, that’s a good way to demonstrate to colleagues that you are a woman.

“Do not wear a grey blouse to work or a grey skirt to school