Flowers, Maxi Skirt, Chandelier

A lovely floral mini skirt is set to become a reality.

A group of artists in France have created the mini skirt from the flowers that decorate the chandelier at the Champs Elysees, Paris.

The flowers have been designed to be very simple to create.

The floral mini skirts can be worn on the heads of women as well as men, but they can also be worn with accessories such as headbands, earrings and necklaces.

The skirt is designed to have the shape of a flower, but it also has a more casual look.

The designer, Caroline, told the French newspaper Le Parisien: ‘The flowers, which are in the shape and colour of the château, are the main inspiration.

‘It’s not for the faint hearted.

I wanted to find a little bit of space for the flower-filled space and for the skirt to be slightly curved.’

The designer says that the skirt will be sold in different styles.

‘We’ve tried to create something for every woman who wants a casual skirt.’

The flowers were created by the French artist Caroline Dessy.

She said: ‘These are very simple flowers, so it is a little difficult to create a simple one, but that is the intention.’

The floral skirt was designed by the designer Caroline D. DessY, from France, with the help of her husband.

She told Le Parisiens: ‘It is a very simple one.

‘I’ve tried a lot of different materials.

It was easy to create this simple, light and airy skirt.’

Caroline told Le Musique newspaper: ‘I have been creating flowers for a long time.

‘This is my first time in France, and it was the perfect opportunity to create an elegant skirt for a very young lady who is going to be going to school in the autumn.’