How to create a fringe skirt steak and bake it

It was an unusual dish for any restaurant, but for the culinary team behind the fringe steak dish, it was their first time.

The dish, which involves a fusion of steak and salad, is a fusion between the popular burger and burger sauce, and the popular fritters.

When you’re serving up a fritter and a burger, you’re not just making your own burgers, but also the frittered burger.

That’s because when you eat a burger at home, you get to taste the burger before you eat your fries, fries that have been coated in a special sauce.

But that sauce is not made from scratch, it’s made from beef that’s been cooked on an industrial scale.

To make the freenge skirt steak the team decided to make a sauce that mimics the taste of the original burger.

And this time, they cooked the burger on an electric grill and then fried it on a charcoal grill, making it look like a real steak.

This was then simmered in an oven for 15 minutes before it was served to guests.

The result is a dish that’s similar to a real burger, but is cooked on a massive scale, as the team put it, to recreate the taste and texture of the real burger.

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