How to make a skirt with a Cheerleader Dress

In honor of the first day of Spring, here’s a fun dress with a cheerleader skirt!

This dress is from the popular “Cheerleader” series of dresses, and it features a skirt.

It’s a skirt-less, skirt-fitted, dress, but with a skirt and a garter belt!

I love the fact that it’s a gazelle-cut dress!

The skirt has a cute neckline, and a skirt is pretty much optional.

It just might look like the dress you want!

If you’re not a fan of the skirt-cut version, this is also a great dress for anyone who loves a more girly style.

It features a girdle that is both skirt- and garter-cut, and features the same fabric that was featured in the Cheerleading dress.

It also features a cute ribbon in the back of the waistband.

You can see the garterbelt ribbon on the skirt!

The skirt is a very nice addition to this dress.

There are no extra straps or seams that might be distracting from the dress’s style.

If you’re looking for something a little more dressy, this dress could be a great option.

I really love how this dress looks on the redhead!

I’m so glad that I picked this dress because I don’t wear a lot of pink in my life, and I’m always a fan to see my pink dresses look like this.

This skirt is so pretty, and the skirt is super soft!

This skirt also has a lovely neckline.

This is an amazing choice for anyone with a more feminine style!

This skirt looks so girly on the little redhead.

This dress is a great choice for someone who loves dressing up and making their hair more girlish.

The skirt and girdles add a little bit of interest to this little red head!

This is a dress that is not only very cute and feminine, but has a lot going on!

This is another skirt-style dress that could be used for someone with a less girly look.

This red dress has a nice garter topper, which adds a bit of flair to this look.

This dress has lots of great accessories and a gorgeous garter gusset!

This looks great with a simple blouse, or even a gingham top!

The red head has a very girly garter, and this dress is really soft and flattering!

I love the way this skirt is designed, and its super easy to wear!

This red dress is very simple to wear, and you can easily find it in many different styles!

This color combo is really versatile, and could be worn as a regular dress, or as a dress with the gazetteer belt!

This cute dress is not as girly as it looks, but this red dress features a very cute garter on the waistline!

This sexy red dress comes with a very sexy garter!

This dress has two layers that add a touch of color to the look.

I love how it looks on this little sexy redhead !

This looks very girlish on the pretty redhead, and there are plenty of accessories to add interest to the gussets!

This pink dress has some interesting accessories, and has some nice accessories on the neckline!

This pink dress also has garter and ribbon, and also has the adorable ribbon at the back.

This red skirt looks great on the cute redhead with the cute ribbon!

I absolutely love how easy this dress can be worn.

The skirt and accessories make this look super easy and feminine.

I am super pleased with how this skirt turned out!

I am so happy that I have a good color combination for this red head.

This looks amazing with a plain white shirt, or a blouse!

This looks fantastic on the lovely redhead who loves to be dressed up!

I really enjoy this red skirt, and how it is a little girly, but not too girly.

This look looks super cute on the girl who loves pink!

The cute red head is a pretty girly girl!

I LOVE the way that this skirt turns out, and even though it’s very simple and girly in appearance, it is still very feminine!

I think this dress has the right amount of glamour to it!

This little redheaded is really cute and girlish!

This red skirt has the perfect garter strap, and she’s super pretty!

This simple red dress with gazelles and ribbon adds a lot to this cute red hat!

This purple dress is gorgeous!

It has a few accessories that add glamour and flare to the skirt.

I think it looks great over a simple white shirt.

I love how the skirt has an adorable garter that adds a touch more flair to the dress!

I am really happy with how the pink dress turned out, as this one looks very chic!

I totally love how girly