How to make a tiered skirt

The red pleats of a skirt are an integral part of a cut that has been called the ‘sponge skirt’.

It’s also a staple of the cocktail dress.

But it’s the midi skirt that has become a staple in Australian wedding dress design, particularly in mid-career women.

Now, the new midi dress from fashion house The Knitting Factory is a new trend in the industry.

Designer Michelle Wodatch says it’s an “easy way to add a bit of colour to your wedding day”.

It features an intricate pattern of red, blue, yellow and green stripes and a lace-up skirt.

The skirt has a waistline that is slightly shorter than a traditional waistline, but the lace-ups allow the wearer to be more relaxed.

“I’ve found that if you have a skirt that is comfortable, you can pull it up a bit and add some shape to it,” says Wodash.

“If you have something that is a little bit tight and is a bit more formal, you’ll have to go down a little more, but you won’t have to pull it all the way up to show it off.”

The skirt is designed by the designer’s daughter, Hannah Wodashes.

The lace-sleeves were designed by her grandmother, who was a seamstress and also a seamster, Ms Wodats says.

“She was an incredible seamstress, a great seamstress.

It’s just that she was a great tailor.”

The Knit Factory says the mid-length skirt is a “classic” dress and that it’s “truly a skirt from beginning to end”.

It comes in two different styles: a low-cut skirt that adds some depth to the dress, and a high-cut version that offers more shape.

“We love the mid style because it’s so casual, so you can be your own lady, and it’s a very casual style,” Ms Wosatch says.

The dress was created by the Knitting Company of Melbourne, but The Knitter Factory says it is also available online and in stores.

The Knitters are a small family business based in Melbourne.

Their collection includes dresses and skirts that are made by local designers.

They say the mid range is the “next big thing”.

“It’s so versatile.

We love it because you can go and go, and go and have a drink with it, and be able to go into the next world,” Ms Nels says.

And the Knitters have made the dress available online in the US and Canada, and they have plans to expand their range to other countries.

“It was a huge hit online,” Ms Tait says.