How to dress like a ‘Stonewall’ star

On Saturday, tennis star Venus Williams became the latest celebrity to embrace the “Stonews” brand of style.

The tennis legend sported a new turtleneck, a denim jacket, a pair of denim pants, and a black and white turtlenecks.

“A lot of people have been asking for a dress for awhile,” Williams said at a press conference.

“And it’s finally here.

I love the way it looks.

I’m proud to be a Stonewalls fan.”

Williams said the brand was inspired by the “soul of the man,” a quote that was famously attributed to Thomas Edison.

She said she wanted to “represent a soul that is always evolving.”

“The spirit of the ‘man,’ that’s what the Stonews represent,” Williams told reporters.

“I was inspired in some ways by the people who were pioneers, like Edison, to try to represent the soul of the greats of our time.”

Stoneways is a luxury clothing brand.

It has clothing for both men and women.

It is known for its work on the runway and at home. 

The brand is owned by the Parisian fashion house LVMH.