When you’re feeling down, don’t go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend

The average woman spends the vast majority of her day wearing a pair of sequin skirts or a pair in a tight sweater.

But as it happens, this summer’s fashion season has made a huge impact on this popular fashion trend.

A lot of women are taking to the internet to share their feelings of fashion sadness with each other, and some of them even have the courage to share the images of their outfits on social media.

While some of these images might not make it to your Facebook feed, if you have the time and patience, you can take a look at some of the best-sourced, most-popular images of women’s sequin dresses.


A beautiful sequin dress by the same name from the Royal Couture collection.


 An amazing sequin gown from a brand like Royal Couture.


This amazing sequino dress from an unknown brand.


An amazing dress from a mystery designer.


The most perfect sequin outfit from a mysterious designer.