How to wear a gold skirt without looking like an asshole

The silver-haired geek has long been a fashion icon, and this skirt has been a favorite among her fanboys.

But it’s a skirt you’ll be seeing a lot more of now that the gold skirt is on its way out.

“This is a very limited time sale,” a spokesperson for the online retailer, Lingerie & Co, told the Guardian.

“The skirt is currently only available in a limited quantity and the item will be removed at the end of the sale.”

The spokesperson didn’t say whether or not it was a limited edition, but we’re guessing it is.

The spokesperson added that it was sold out.

But, like the gold dress, you won’t be able to order it until January 2018.

The only way to get a pair is through the online Lingeries of the World website.

So don’t wait.

They’re going on sale January 28.

If you’re in New York City on January 25, you’ll still be able grab one of the last pairs.