Nike’s Victory Steak skirt steak

Nike’s victory skirt steak has been an unlikely choice for the new Nike Victory skirt steak, but the company says that’s exactly what it is.

The company announced Thursday that it has sold 10,000 of the steaks during its pre-launch campaign, which included pre-orders for the skirt steak and other Nike footwear and apparel.

The skirt steak will go on sale later this month at participating retailers, including Nike, Macy’s and

Nike says that the Victory Steaks are made with a specially crafted, hand-crafted, 100 percent vegetable-based leather.

The Victory Steakes are available in two colors, a black-and-gold finish and a rose gold color.

The dress-like silhouette was inspired by Nike’s award-winning Victory skirt and has been designed with a stretchy, seamless fit.

The new Victory Steakhouses will be available for pre-order beginning October 13.