The most boring part of the job

An Australian company is using the phrase “boredom” to describe its job-placement process.

Key points:The company is testing a “bronze” style of dress and the result is “boring” and “not exciting”The company has partnered with the Australian Fashion Institute to make the jeans for a pilot projectThe Australian Fashion institute is offering free “dresses” to those who wear a “Bronze” skirt styleThe company says the pants have “a casual feel”The idea is to make jeans that are “brought to life” with a new design and materials, but with the “bore” of jeans.

“The design of the pants is meant to be ‘bored’,” said a company spokesperson.

“It’s meant to look like jeans that you’d wear at a bar.”‘

Boredom’ isn’t a bad wordThe new jeans are a bit of a departure from the classic, white-and-blue jeans that most Australian businesses have become accustomed to in recent years.

They come in a variety of styles, ranging from an ankle length skirt to a knee length skirt, and all of them have the same basic silhouette.

“We’re doing this for a limited time only,” said the spokesperson.

The company said it will not be selling the jeans at the Sydney and Melbourne stores, but is looking at the option of doing so at a later date.

The spokesperson added that they were also working with the ANSI body for a possible standard of dress codes.

The jeans are designed to be a bit different than the rest of the jeans.

They have a casual feel, but the “barely there” look is still present.

The denim was created by the Australian Institute of Fashion (AIF), which has been developing its own style of denim since 2013.

“In this instance, the denim was designed with a focus on casual dress, so we wanted to get as close as possible to the denim of the era,” the spokesperson said.

“With a combination of our knowledge of the Australian fabric, the Australian denim, and our expertise in creating fabrics, we’re going to deliver the most boring jeans we can.”

To make the pants, the AIF and the Australian Style Institute partnered with a company called Blue Jean, which is also working on the pilot project.

Blue Jean’s director of design, Emily Houghton, said they worked with the company to get a design that would work with the jeans and not detract from the look of the brand.

“What we found is that a lot of the people who are really bored with their jeans, they like a bit more of a ‘faded’ look to them,” she said.

Blue Jeans are currently offering the jeans in four different styles: a casual, an ankle-length skirt, a knee-length, and a dress.

“They’re going in the same colour palette as the denim we have, but we’ve gone a step further and done something a little bit different,” Ms Houghtons said.

She said they chose the skirt style because it was “beneath the jeans” and was “not a traditional dress”.

“We wanted something that was more contemporary, so people could wear the jeans without looking like they were dressed to a suit,” she added.

“When you put something like this together with a dress, you have to make it look casual, but not boring.”

The denim is now available for pre-order for $180 from the Blue Jeeves website.