Woman charged in fatal shooting at a Las Vegas nightclub

A woman is accused of fatally shooting a man at a popular nightclub in Las Vegas.

The shooting happened Friday night in the area of 19th Street and East 17th Avenue, police said.

The shooter was identified as 22-year-old Ashley S. Fagan, of Las Vegas, police spokesman Capt. Brian Cook said.

Cook said the woman is being held on $10 million bail.

Police say Fagan and another man were outside the club with two others when the shooting occurred.

A witness told police that Fagan approached the other man and opened fire, then pulled out a handgun and shot the man.

The man died at the scene.

Suede and pink plaid skirts, pink and blue striped plaid and red lace skirts, red lace and pink knee-high socks, and pinks and white sneakers were all worn by Fagan during the shooting, Cook said in a statement.

Fournas last known address was in a nearby condo, police say.

He had no previous criminal history.

No one was injured.